Architect Credits in BIMx

When you publish a BIMx Hyper-model, you have the option to display – when navigating in BIMx – the logo of the architectural company who designed the project.

This information must be set up in ARCHICAD, before you save or upload the BIMx Hyper-model.

Define Architect Credits in ARCHICAD

1.Go to File > Info > Project Preview & Architect Credits in BIMx.

Note: This dialog also opens automatically from Publishing Properties – see below.

2.Click on the Architect Credits in BIMx tab.

3.In the URL field, enter the firm’s URL address.

The URL must be a fully qualified URL that contains http://


4.Use Browse, Drag and Drop, or Copy-Paste to add an image file of the firm’s logo to the Logo field:


Tip: To make the background transparent, use a PNG file with an alpha channel.

Add Architect Credits to BIMx Hyper-model

In Publisher Set Properties: When you set options to Save or Upload BIMx Hyper-Model, check the Architect Credits box.


See also Step 2: Set Publishing Properties.

The logo will appear as part of an animation when the Hyper-model is opened in the BIMx application. A user click on the logo will open the corresponding company web page (based on the URL defined in ARCHICAD.)

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How to set up Architect Credits for BIMx Mobile

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