About Help Center

GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD-integrated knowledge base. Help Center aims to aggregate the wealth of ARCHICAD knowledge available on the internet in a single, easy-to-search website and plug this functionality right into ARCHICAD.



You can browse content using the menu or on subpages the navigation pane on the right. The preview of Guides, Videos, Tips, Troubleshooting and Technotes are all color coded.



Enter your search words in the search box on the top. You will not only get results from Help Center, but also from external sources, such as GRAPHISOFT.com; ARCHICAD-Talk.


Access from ARCHICAD

Help Center is integrated with ARCHICAD. Right-click anywhere on the ARCHICAD palettes or dialog boxes, and select the ‘Help’ on Mac or ‘What’s this’ option on Windows*. The most relevant Reference Guide article will open, and related videos; Help Center articles; and ARCHICAD-Talk posts will also be displayed:



Questions and Comments

Help Center is developed and maintained by GRAPHISOFT Customer Support Services Team. Please send enquiries about Help Center to: helpcenter [at] graphisoft [dot] com

If you have  further questions, please contact GRAPHISOFT support through our world-wide reseller channel.

* Note for Internet Explorer Users:

  • Only version 10 and above of Internet Explorer are supported.
  • If you open Help Center directly from ARCHICAD’s Help menu, Internet Explorer 10 or 11 might show a warning box that the access to Help Center has been blocked. To get around this problem and continue to open Help Center you have the following options:

1) Every time the notification pops up, click on the “Allow blocked content” button at the bottom of the browser panel
2) Adjust Internet Options: Internet Options dialog » Advanced tab » Security/Allow active content to run in files on My Computer
3) Set another browser as default

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