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Help Center is an online source of knowledge for anyone who works with, wishes to use or learn ARCHICAD.

There is a large number of articles that will help you work with ARCHICAD and other software solutions that are parts of the GRAPHISOFT ecosystem, such as BIMx and BIMcloud.

The articles are divided into two major groups: User manuals and Knowledgebase articles.

User manuals give you accurate technical descriptions on software functionalities with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and short explanations. The manuals (also known as User Guides) give you detailed guidance in using the following software:

  • ARCHICAD's latest two versions
  • BIMx
  • BIMcloud
  • License Manager Tool
  • ARCHICAD Add-Ons and Plugins

Knowledgebase articles give you further information on how you can most effectively work with ARCHICAD. They offer

  • best practices
  • small tips and tricks
  • workflow recommendations
  • basic concept descriptions
  • troubleshooting advice

in nine main categories and a large number of sub categories.

The Featured section offers you some of the latest articles.

If you are not sure in which category to look for the topic you are interested in, use the search bar on the top of the page. You can filter the results given by the search engine by content and tags. By default both types of articles (User manual and Knowledgebase) and articles with all tags are included in the search. You can narrow down the results by excluding some of the tags or the content. To do this you simply have to remove the mark from the checkbox.

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