Working with DWG/DXF Files

ARCHICAD is fully prepared to work in collaboration with users of other CAD systems, especially those supporting AutoCAD’s native DWG and the industrial standard DXF formats.

The DXF/DWG Add-On is installed together with the ARCHICAD package and is smoothly integrated in the ARCHICAD user interface. It allows you to:

Open AutoCAD drawings as ARCHICAD Projects or ARCHICAD Library Parts.

Merge AutoCAD drawings with your ARCHICAD Project file.

Place AutoCAD drawings as ARCHICAD Drawings to Layouts or Model Views.

Add AutoCAD drawings as external references (XREFs) to the ARCHICAD Project.

Import BLOCKs from an AutoCAD drawing and create ARCHICAD Library Parts out of them within their own newly created Library.

Save or Publish your ARCHICAD Floor Plans, Sections/Elevations, Detail Drawings and 3D Views in AutoCAD formats.

Save your ARCHICAD Layouts in AutoCAD formats.

Set up Translators to make it easier to apply a customized set of conversion rules to the equivalent elements and functions of ARCHICAD and DXF/DWG files.

For details on Translator settings, see DXF/DWG Translation Setup.

Opening DWG/DXF Files

Saving DWG/DXF Files

Merge a DXF/DWG File


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Opening DWG/DXF Files

You can open DXF and DWG format files in ARCHICAD as Drawings or Layouts. Choose File > Open and then select the file you need in the directory ...

Saving DWG/DXF Files

You can save or publish a project view or layout in ARCHICAD in DXF and DWG formats. (No DWG save is possible from a schedule, index or list ...

Merge a DXF/DWG File

You can merge DXF and DWG format files into the currently open ARCHICAD Project. Use File > Interoperability > Merge, and choose the DXF/DWG ...

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