Recommendations for Using Libraries

It is recommended to organize your libraries as follows:

Upload all your company’s libraries to a dedicated BIMcloud/BIM Server. This enables one-step updates which are then available to all users, including solo and Teamwork project users.

The Embedded Library should serve as your project library, containing project-specific objects that are always available and editable, and saved with the project.

Any project-specific object that you modify frequently should be placed in the Embedded Library.

Only embed those objects that are project-specific. Try to keep the Embedded Library small.

If you want to use a custom object in several projects, it is better to place it into a Company Library stored on a BIMcloud/BIM Server that is accessible to all users, rather than save it to an Embedded Library.

When you archive a project, use the PLA file format. It is NOT recommended to save all objects in the Embedded Library.

See also Troubleshooting Library Issues.

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