Associative labels are placed by clicking an element. The label remains associated to the element even after you move or modify the element. As applicable, any parameter values are automatically updated in the label.
Independent labels are not associated to any element. Typically, you will use an independent label to display information that does not come from the model (e.g. “install snow picks here”).
By default, a Label will be hidden if its associated element is hidden (e.g. on a hidden layer). To display the Label regardless of whether its associated element is visible, uncheck “Hide with Associated Element” in Label Tool Settings.
The Simple method places the Label with one click, using the arrowhead and pointer line type/starting angle (if activated) as defined in the Info Box or Label Settings.
The Detailed method requires three clicks (or two, if the pointer line’s starting angle is locked), giving you more control over pointer line placement.
See Label Pointer Panel for details on Pointer Line settings.
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