Redefine Snapshot Folder

When you install BIMcloud, the BIMcloud Server Configurator settings define the location of your Project/Library Snapshots.

If needed, you can later redefine the Snapshots folder path.

1.From the BIMcloud Monitor tray icon, open the Configuration dialog for the BIMcloud Server.

2.The Configure dialog opens. Go to the BIMcloud Only page.

3.At Save Snapshots to External Folder, do one of the following:

Check the box and/or redefine the existing folder path

Uncheck the box: Snapshots will now be saved to their default location

4. You are prompted to click Restart.

At this point, you can decide whether to keep your existing Snapshots (by moving them to the new location), or else delete them. 

Keep and Move Snapshots: Check this to move the existing Snapshots to the new folder you have just defined.

If you leave the box unchecked, any existing snapshots in the old location will be deleted.

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