Import Project or Library to Folder

Use the Import function to import a Project file (extension .BIMProject) or a Library file (.BIMLibrary) into a selected folder.

These file formats are created either by exporting a project/library from the BIMcloud (see Export Project or Library, below) or by creating a Project or Library snapshot (see Project/Library Snapshot and Restore.)

1.In the Navigator, select a folder.

2.From the Projects pop-up or the Functions area, click Import. 

3.Browse for the file (.BIMProject or .BIMLibrary) you wish to import. 

You can also import a file with the .archive extension. In this case, the dialog will prompt you to specify whether the file is a project or a library.

4.A server pop-up appears (if your permissions allow): select a Host Server for the imported project.

5.Click Import. Required permissions:

Simplified management: Server administrator

Detailed management:

-Modify folder content

-Modify details