Project Status

Project status reflects:

whether its host server is running and accessible

whether its data is available on the host server

whether the project is accessible or locked

The popup contains different commands for the different statuses:

Lock / Unlock depending on its lock status.

Link to…: If the project’s data is not found on the host server, then it can be re-linked to a different, currently unused project.

See Hosted Projects/Libraries. Required permissions:

Simplified management: Server/Project administrator

Detailed management: Lock/Unlock project

Projects are accessible by default. 

Lock/Unlock Project

The Lock function is designed to “freeze” the project data for a short period while an administrator carries out management functions.

While a project is locked, joined users cannot send/receive changes or make any changes in project data.

A project is also locked automatically when you migrate a Teamwork project from one version to another. (Teamwork > Migrate Project)

A locked project is listed with a red badge in the navigator: 

Locked Project

Similarly, a locked project is shown with a lock icon in ARCHICAD’s Open/Join Teamwork Project dialog box.

Once the project is unlocked, users can again work in the project and send/receive changes.