Update Components to Current BIMcloud

If you have existing, earlier-version BIMcloud components on your computer, it is recommended that you update all components to the latest version. This ensures access to the latest BIMcloud features and fixes.

When you start BIMcloud Installer, the program automatically checks your computer for any existing BIMcloud components, and lists the components for which an update is available. You can then run the update(s) straight from the installer.

The update process keeps all existing data and configuration intact on the server (users, roles, projects, permissions.)

Updatable Components

Update Process

How to Identify BIMcloud Components

Note on Updating BIMcloud Components on MacOS

Note on Updating BIM Server (from version 19 and later)

Note on Version 18 Components

Updatable Components

BIMcloud can update the following earlier-version components installed on your computer:

BIMcloud Manager versions 19 and up

BIMcloud Server versions 19 and up

BIM Server versions 19 and up

Note: As long as you have any components from version 18 installed, no updates are possible at all. See Note on Version 18 Components.

Update Process

1.Start the BIMcloud Installer.

2.Existing components have been detected. It is recommended to update them. Click Update existing component.


3.The updatable components are listed in the popup. Choose one to update (e.g. BIMcloud Manager).


Click Next.

4.The component is updated. The older version is removed, and the latest version is installed in its place.


Click Finish.

5.Run the installer again to update any additional components in the list (e.g. BIMcloud Server).

See also How to Identify BIMcloud Components.

6.Once all possible BIMcloud components have been updated, the installer no longer offers the update option.


For details on recommended workflows, see: http://helpcenter.graphisoft.com/technotes/bimcloud-and-bim-server/multi-version-server-technology/

How to Identify BIMcloud Components

You may have multiple BIMcloud Servers and (as of v2018) multiple BIMcloud Managers installed, which can result in a long list of updatable components when you run the installer.

Earlier version components are identified by version number. (e.g. BIMcloud Manager 21, BIM Server 19)

As of v2018, BIMcloud components are identified by the name of their installation folder, which includes the date of installation. This folder name is automatic and cannot be changed.

You can see your installed BIMcloud components by name in the following places:

on the Status page of BIMcloud Manager (Servers page)


on the BIMcloud Tray icon

See also BIMcloud Tray Icon.

Note on Updating BIMcloud Components on MacOS

For Mac users: If you are using BIMcloud on a Mac OS 10.15 system, you can only update BIMcloud components that have been installed in or underneath the system Applications folder.

If the BIMcloud component being updated is located somewhere else, it cannot be updated. You should create a backup of your data, then restore this data into a new BIMcloud installation.

See this Help Center article for details.

Note on Updating BIM Server (from version 19 and later)

BIM Server has been discontinued. You can update your BIM Server from versions 19 and up, as described above.

In this case, the updatable component is initially listed as BIM Server (e.g. BIM Server 19).

Since the BIM Server consists of two separate components (Manager and Server), you must do two updates: one for each of the two BIM Server components.

For example, if you have BIM Server 21 on your computer:

first run the update on the BIM Server 21 - this is the Manager component;

then run the installer again. The updatable list now shows the BIMcloud Server 21 item - this is the Server component. Run the update on this component too.

Note on Version 18 Components

Version 18 components cannot be updated. Projects from BIMcloud Server 18 cannot be moved to BIMcloud Server v2018 (or later).

If any version 18 BIMcloud or BIM Server component is found on your computer, no updates are possible for any component (from versions 18-21). You must quit the installer, remove the version 18 component(s), then start the installer again in order to find updatable components.