Using the Format Wizard/Format Assistant

In the Setup List Schemes dialog box, make the List Format tab active and make sure that the Graphic Template option is chosen. Select a list scheme from the left-hand tree structure, then click the Start Format Wizard (Windows) or Start Format Assistant (Mac) button.

This opens a complex dialog box that allows you to rename, delete, duplicate and customize templates.


Note: The Wizard/Assistant does not work on external template files, only with embedded layout sections that are stored in binary format, in the program itself, in an ARCHICAD project (.pln, .pla) file, or in the Preferences file.

When you quit the Wizard and return to the Setup List Schemes dialog box, you will notice that the name of the previously created Layout is shown in the Template: field, and the include in List Scheme checkbox is enabled. This means that a reference to this layout will be stored in the List Scheme file in the library, but the Layout itself will be saved within the project (.pln, .pla) or in the Preferences file. If you disable the checkbox, the Layout can be saved as an external template text file in the library, but in this case it will no longer be available from within the Wizard.

Note: New & Reset deletes all custom Layouts; only factory default Layouts will be available.

See Templates.