List Schemes and Templates

List Schemes are factory default or user-defined instruction sets to control how the Listing Engine processes and displays project information. List Schemes can be independent files or can reside in Databases.


List Schemes are of Element, Component and Zone types.

It is also possible to create complete List Scheme files that contain definitions for Element, Component and Zone lists.

List Schemes can be configured to suit a large variety of needs, and new schemes can be created in the Set up List Schemes dialog box, accessed with the Set up List Schemes command. Moreover, graphic outputs are highly customizable using a Format Wizard (Windows) or Format Assistant (Mac).

See Using the Format Wizard/Format Assistant.


Graphic List Schemes are based on templates that contain information about the list‘s structure, layout and content.

Templates can be of two types:

Template files are simple text files residing in the active library. They are factory-shipped or created manually. It is also possible to create copies of embedded templates by saving them as external files.

Embedded templates, created with the Format Wizard, reside in the list scheme itself. You can transform them into template files by unchecking the Include in List Scheme box on the Setup List Schemes dialog box‘s List Format tab page (see later).


Templates are coded in a simple programming language. It is highly recommended not to edit these files unless you are thoroughly familiar with the syntax.

Template files cannot be edited with the Format Wizard.

Records and Fields

Graphic Templates define layouts to display and print information units called Records. Records are small layouts that can include numerous Fields and one bitmap image. Fields are units of alphanumeric data. Field contents are collected, filtered and calculated by the ARCHICAD Listing Engine. The bitmaps can be external image files from any of the active Libraries, ARCHICAD object symbols, 3D drawings generated by Property Objects and by the objects themselves, or Preview Pictures of ARCHICAD Library Parts in the active Libraries.

See Graphic Template and Using the Format Wizard/Format Assistant.