The complex feature set of ARCHICAD’s Calculate function interacts with the project database to calculate the number of elements in a project, their spatial disposition and the quantity of element components. Specialized menu commands allow you to perform various calculations (quantity takeoffs, inventories, pricing, schedules). The extracted information can be searched, presented in customized layouts and exported easily to other applications.

The ARCHICAD Calculation Guide is a compact manual aimed at experienced users that explains the features used to generate reports about your project. The Calculation Guide Appendix presents two step-by-step calculation examples. (If you are new to the Calculation function, begin by reading a brief overview: “Calculation” in the Documentation chapter of the ARCHICAD Help.)

Note: The Calculation functionality is considered legacy, and is unlikely to support new developments in ARCHICAD – for example, the Stair and Railing Tools (from version 21) are not supported. To list these elements, use the Interactive Schedule.