The MEP Modeler is a modeling extension (add-on) to ARCHICAD, available from Architectural practices and architectural departments of A/E firms using ARCHICAD can use MEP Modeler to create, edit or import 3D MEP networks (ductwork, piping and cable trays) and coordinate them with the ARCHICAD BIM.
BIM Workflow - Where the MEP engineer can provide 3D data, architects are able to import the consultant’s MEP model into ARCHICAD using the IFC format. In addition to this generic IFC interface, the MEP Modeler package provides an improved connection with all MEP applications (including Revit, DDS-CAD MEP) that can export intelligent MEP-specific (with specific IFC properties, port information, etc.) IFC models.
2D Workflow - Based on 2D documentation received from engineers, architects can use MEP Modeler’s powerful built-in tools to create and edit the MEP model within ARCHICAD. Its powerful modeling and coordination capabilities in combination with the above workflows make the MEP Modeler the solution for architects to help drive more efficiency in the building process.