IFC Improvements


ARCHICAD 20 has improved its current IFC-based workflow with new geometry and data sharing possibilities for the reference model concept.
IFC4 Import-Export
GRAPHISOFT has been developing IFC – an open-source platform for OPEN BIM collaboration – since 1996. We continue our pioneering commitment to IFC, supporting the latest IFC standard version and its major subsets (called “Model View Definitions”).
ARCHICAD 20 supports the import and export of the Model View Definitions, which are developed for multi-disciplinary 3D mode-exchange workflows. The latest IFC4 Model View Definition introduces two separate directions for coordination between different disciplines:
IFC4 Reference View is suitable for all BIM workflows that are based on reference models, where the exchange is mainly one-directional. Here requested modifications of the BIM data, mainly of the shape representation, are handled by a change request to the original author.
IFC4 Design Transfer View provides building information with support for element editing: inserting, deleting, moving, and modifying physical building elements and spaces, within the limited scope of parametric exchange. For example, an architect providing building design information to an engineer for a particular discipline, where geometric modifications may need to be made. Note that the Design Transfer View is not meant for round-trip model exchange scenarios.
Note: ARCHICAD 20 continues to support the former 2x3 version of IFC.
Support for IFC4 Reference View
ARCHICAD supports the import and export of triangulated face-set geometry representation - a requirement of IFC4 Reference View.
The Renovation Status property is now shared as a standard IFC property, and Tags and Categories data of Building Materials are shared as standard IFC Material properties.
Colored Elements at IFC Export
Bodies with multi-color surfaces (for example, walls with different inside and outside colors) can be imported and exported, with the colors correctly maintained.
ARCHICAD’s IFC function also correctly exports element colors currently displayed in your model - for example, the colors defined by Graphic Overrides, Renovation, Revision, and Mark-ups - so you can share this information with other consultants/applications.
Other IFC Improvements
When exporting and importing an IFC model, ARCHICAD 20 now supports the survey point (site local placement) definition.
The new ARCHICAD Element Properties (see User-Defined Element Properties) are mappable as IFC scheme properties.
Base quantity export has been improved.
ARCHICAD’s Graphic Overrides Shown in Exported IFC Model