User-Defined Element Properties


An ARCHICAD model can be described as a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder. Previous ARCHICAD versions have provided diverse data definition options, with different limitations. Now, ARCHICAD 20 introduces ARCHICAD Element Properties: a robust foundational technology for future BIM data management in the ARCHICAD environment.
Properties are user-defined custom data that can be connected to any construction element or zone, based on Element Classification. Property definitions for various data type can be created and transferred between projects, including their default values.
Assign and custom edit these values in the Elements’ Settings dialogs and the Interactive Schedule. Use the new Property Manager to manage ARCHICAD Properties within the scope of a project.
Properties can be shown on any output, enabling distribution of element-related BIM data among stakeholders. For example:
Add to Labels and Zone Stamps
Use as criteria in searching and scheduling
Add as Fields in Element Schedules, in the re-organized Scheme Schedule settings interface
Map as IFC scheme properties (IFC Scheme Setup) for IFC model exports
Show and Edit Element Properties in Schedules
Display Custom Properties in Element Label