Migrating a Teamwork Project (v. 13-19) to ARCHICAD 20

Important: Keep in mind that if you link a hotlinked module or a drawing from a Teamwork project, that source Teamwork project must have the same version number as the host project. This means that if you migrate a project (either solo or Teamwork) from ARCHICAD 13-19 to ARCHICAD 20, any Teamwork files that are linked to it (via hotlinked modules or drawings) must also be migrated.
Issue the Prepare for Migration command at Teamwork > Project > Migrate Project > Prepare for Migration.
If you do not want to prepare any more projects now, choose Finish Preparation from the next dialog box, then Close.
To migrate another project, choose Open and Prepare another Project.
Choose Teamwork > Project > Migrate Project > Migrate Prepared Projects.
Optionally, check the Migrate ARCHICAD Libraries box: this will replace the project’s currently used ARCHICAD libraries with ARCHICAD Library 20, plus the necessary migration libraries. (These libraries will be uploaded to the BIMcloud/BIM Server if they are not there already.) If you do not check this box, you will continue using the migrated project with its current ARCHICAD libraries.
Click Next.
Note: If you are uploading to a BIMcloud: you have an additional option to define the Host Server for the migrated project.
If there is a problem with the server connection, you will get feedback on the issue. Click Network Diagnostic to open a dialog box with details and help in solving the problem. (See Network Diagnostic Information.)
Note: The Project Log, Comments, messages and any reservations will be deleted during project migration.
If the migrated project contains any hotlinked modules or drawings linked from AC 13-19 Teamwork projects, you must also migrate each of those Teamwork projects from ARCHICAD 13-19 to ARCHICAD 20, following the steps above.
If those hotlink/drawing source projects were on the same BIM Server as the migrated host project, then the host project will automatically locate and link the source projects, once they are all migrated.
If those hotlink/drawing source projects were on a different BIM Server than the migrated host project, you must re-link the hotlinked modules and drawings manually, once the source projects are all migrated.