Skylight Tool Settings

The left-hand browser area of the Skylight Settings dialog box is similar to those of other Library Part elements.
Width: Enter Skylight width.
Height: Enter Skylight height.
Constraint in Roof: Only available for selected Skylights placed in Roofs (not Shells). Use this control to decide how to constrain the Skylight position in a modified Roof plane:
either Horizontally (the Skylight will retain its position as seen on the Floor Plan)
or Vertically (the Skylight will retain its vertical elevation regardless of its Floor Plan position.)
Sill or header height: This field that expresses the height of the Skylight anchor point (either its sill or header) as measured from either a particular story, or from the Roof Pivot line. (If you have constrained the Skylight position horizontally, this field is read-only.)
The Flip in Shell button is only available for selected Skylights placed in Shells (not Roofs). Click Flip in Shell to change the orientation of the Skylight to the opposite side (e.g. from “inside” to “outside”.)
Check the Mirror Library Part box to mirror the Skylight when placing it, or to mirror a selected Skylight.
Note: Fill and pencolors for Floor Plan display can be defined either in this Parameters panel (using the 2D Representation controls), or else overwritten by entering custom fills and pens in the Floor Plan and Section panel below.
Note: Skylights in Single-plane Roofs that were migrated from ARCHICAD 14 or older version projects can be displayed, if you prefer, using a Symbolic depiction.
The Dimension Marker panel features the customizable options for the Skylight’s Dimension Marker.
The dimension units of Skylight markers can be customized in Options > Project Preferences > Dimensions.
Pencolor/Penweight: Type a Pencolor/Penweight number (1-255).
Use Symbol colors: Check this box to ignore Pencolor setting above and use pencolor used when the element’s 2D symbol was created.
Subfloor Thickness: Use this control if you want the Skylight marker to indicate a sill height value which takes into account the height difference (if any) between the story level and the sill of the Skylight (e.g., to account for carpeting). This value will then be calculated as part of the sill value shown in the Skylight marker.
Font Type: Click this pop-up field to select a font type.
Font Script: Click this pop-up field to select a font encoding.
Font Size: Enter a font size.
Text Format: If desired, check the Bold, Italic, or Underline boxes to format the dimension text accordingly.
Height: Enter the height of the marker here.
The Marker Settings panel contains options for the Library Part type dimension marker. The panel is active only if an eligible Marker has been selected in the Dimension Marker panel.