Drawing Manager

choose File > External Content > Drawing Manager
choose Window > Palettes > Drawing Manager
Chain icon: Click this button to link the selected drawing to either an external source or an internal view.
Chain icon crossed out: Click this button to break the link of the selected drawing. A warning window will ask whether you want to permanently break the current link.
Green circling arrows: Click on this button and your drawing will be permanently updated. (This command icon is also available in the Navigator Layout Book.)
Red X: Click this button to delete the selected drawing(s) after confirming the warning message.
Note: Deleting a drawing is undoable ONLY if the window containing the drawing is active at the time you delete it.
Check Status: Click on this button to check the update status of the selected drawing(s), if its status shows “Needs Checking”.
Type: The icon in the ‘T’ column indicates the Drawing’s source type (e.g. a Floor Plan view or a PDF file).
ID: Shows Drawing ID.
Name: Shows Drawing name.
Status: Shows one of the following update statuses for the selected Drawing:
OK: Drawing is updated.
Modified: Source has been modified. Click the Update button to update the drawing.
Missing: The source of the linked drawing cannot be found.
Not Accessible: The source file is either an old Teamwork file (a Teamwork file format from a pre-13 version of ARCHICAD), or it is an ARCHICAD 13 or later Teamwork project located on a BIM Server. You do not have access to this source, because you are using either a Demo version of ARCHICAD, or a non-Teamwork protection key; or you do not have Teamwork access rights to this source.
To be Updated: Temporary status of a drawing included in the set of Drawings to be updated, but the update process has not affected this drawing yet.
Updating: Temporary status of a drawing currently being updated.
Embedded. This Drawing has no link and cannot be updated. (If it once had a link which has since been broken, the Drawing manager displays its former source view for information purposes only.)
Needs Checking: ARCHICAD’s automated background quick-check function cannot determine definitively whether the drawing needs an update or not. If this status appears, you can either:
- click the Check Status button to see whether the drawing is either OK or Modified. In the latter case, if the drawing’s update method is Manual, you can decide whether to update it or not. (A Drawing set to Automatic update will be updated as soon as you activate its Layout or window.)
- click the Update button to achieve an updated status.
Placed To: Shows name of Layout or Model View on which Drawing is placed.
Source View: Shows the source view’s position in the Navigator’s hierarchical structure (as displayed in Navigator Project Map). If the Drawing source is not an ARCHICAD view, then this column displays the source file name and (in the case of a multi-page PDF document source) the page number from which the Drawing is created.
Note: If the Drawing source is a DWG paperspace, this field will also indicate the viewport number.
Path: Shows the location of the drawing’s source view (e.g. either Internal, or its file path).
Open Source View: Click this button to open the source view of the selected drawing. (This button is grayed for Drawings having an external source.)
Settings: Click this button to open the selected drawing(s)’ Settings dialog box.
Note: To assign a particular drawing parameters to multiple Drawings at the same time (such as a uniform Pen Set to all Drawings in the Layout Book), select several or all drawings in Drawing Manager and click Settings. Any settings you modify in the Drawing Settings dialog box will be applied to all the selected drawings (other Drawing Settings will remain as-is for each drawing).