Close Teamwork Project

Use File > Close to close a Teamwork Project in ARCHICAD.
Your local copy of the project remains intact. If you have unsaved changes, you can opt to save them to the local copy. If you have unsent changes, you can opt to send them.
Discard changes: Any unsaved and unsent changes are discarded. Your reservations remain intact.
Send & Save: Send changes to the server and also save any unsent changes to your local copy.
By default, your reservations remain unchanged. The next time you open this project, you will find that the data reserved by you before you closed the project are still yours.
To change this default, you can re-set a Work Environment preference, at Options > Work Environment > Data Safety and Integrity.
Here, check the Release All when closing Teamwork Project with Send Changes box. This means that when you close a Teamwork Project, all your reservations will be released.
Save without Send: Save your changes locally, but do not send them to the server
When you finish working each day, do not leave the project; just Close it.
Note: If you change the default setting “Close Teamwork Project” in Options > Work Environment > Data Safety & Integrity, then your reservations will be discarded if you click Save & Send when closing the Teamwork Project.
However, once you Leave the project (as opposed to closing it), you lose your reservations and dump your local copy. It is recommended that you do not leave the project unless you do not plan to work on it any more in the foreseeable future. Typically, you will leave a Teamwork project when you no longer participate in it.
If you choose “Discard Changes,” then your unsaved changes will be lost, and you will not synchronize your local copy with the server.