Place a Grid System

To lay out a complete orthogonal or curved grid mesh, use the Grid System function. The Grid System command can save you a lots of time by automating the task of placing multiple Grid Elements in one step, following a defined scheme, and even placing elements on dedicated positions. You can also place dimensions throughout the Grid system in one step.
Select Design > Grid System. Adjust the settings.
If you do not know the distance you will need between your Grid lines, check the Distribute box for either or both Grid line directions (i.e. horizontal and/or vertical grid lines). This will enable you, when you place the Grid system, to set the beginning and endpoints of the Grid system in the given direction, divided into the number of Grid lines defined in the list.
Note: You can select and edit all or selected elements of a placed grid system by selecting them using any of the ARCHICAD selection methods.
Note: If you are placing a curved grid system, you have the additional option to place either straight or curved beams along the gridlines.