Specific Element Intersections and Junctions

If two Walls of the same priority meet (their reference lines intersect), use Junction Order to control the element level junction.
Set Junction Order in the Model Panel or Info Box of Wall or Beam Settings.
Left: Window and Door are flush with the Slab’s top. Therefore, the Slab's finish skins do not form priority-based junctions with the Wall's skins. Instead, the Slab’s finish skins remain continuous.
Right: Window and Door are not flush (they are elevated above the Slab), so the usual rules for priority-based connections are in effect between the Slab and Wall skins.
If your intersection includes a Shell, Roof or Morph, you must use Design > Connect > Merge Elements to ensure correct intersections.
If a Shell or Roof acts as a trimming element (Design > Connect > Trim Elements to Roof/Shell) it will be merged with the trimmed element; you do not need to use the Merge Elements command again to achieve correct intersections.