Use Coordination View 2.0 For Extended Model View


On the IFC Translator Option / Export Options tab there are 3 IFC View Definition options: Coordination View 1.0, Coordination View 2.0 and Extended Model View.

The Extended Model View is based on Coordination View 1.0 but it saves some extra content like Groups, etc..
Some organization require the Extended Model View to be saved based on CV 2.0 (for example COBie's FM Handover View). To fulfill this requirement a registry switch has to be applied to drive the Extended Model View to Coordination View 2.0. When using the key, Extended Model View will work based on CV2.0.



About the Registry Key

RegistryKey Name UseCoordinationView2ForExtendedModelView
Default value 0
Alternative value 1
Reference ID #TT 159906



  • Open up the Start menu, choose or enter Run, then type regedit and Enter (more info on Registry here)
  • Find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareGraphisoftARCHICAD (or) ARCHICAD-64<ARCHICAD version>IFC folder
  • create a DWORD key with a name UseCoordinationView2ForExtendedModelView and set its value from 0 to 1, click OK

Mac OS X:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.graphisoft.AC-<ARCHICAD version>.plist
    • Open it in Pref Setter or Xcode
    • Select IFC Folder and create a Boolean Key with name UseCoordinationView2ForExtendedModelView
    • Set this new Key to true

Note: This changing in Registry takes effect in the restarted ARCHICAD only.


More information about registry key settings: RegistryOrPreferences