Miscellaneous Settings (Import SAF to ARCHICAD)

Access SAF Translator settings at:

File > Interoperability > SAF > SAF Translators.

On this panel, choose default ARCHICAD tool settings for each imported analytical Member type (Wall, Slab, Roof, Column and Beam).

For each element type, use the pop-up to choose either the ARCHICAD Tool default settings, or one of its Favorites.


What are these settings used for?

Many structural analytical parameters of imported SAF elements are correctly recreated (or mapped by hand) in ARCHICAD: geometry, location, material and cross section parameters, etc. When importing a SAF file, these SAF data will overwrite the corresponding values in ARCHICAD.

However, analytical elements imported to ARCHICAD are transformed into physical elements that have many other parameters (e.g. pen set, classification) that are not defined in SAF.

Therefore, to define its physical appearance in ARCHICAD, each imported analytical element will use the tool settings definitions you choose in the Miscellaneous Panel of the SAF Import Translator (for all settings that are undefined in SAF).

The following table summarizes the ARCHICAD elements created out of 1D and 2D Members imported from SAF:

Imported 1D Member



Slant angle < 45 deg


Slant angle > 45 deg


Imported 2D Member



Plane is horizontal


Plane is 0 > 45 deg

Single-plane Roof

Plane is 45-90 deg