TeamWork doesn’t work if AVG Anti-Virus is installed

by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 05.31.2012


/!\ UPDATE: The 2012 edition of AVG Anti-Virus may block the installation, update or the uninstallation of the BIM Server. Disable AVG before performing such operations.

If you have already installed the BIM Server and it does not start automatically:

  • open BIM Server Control Center
  • click on the start button and wait

TeamWork communication

After AVG Anti-Virus or AVG Internet Security products are installed on the computer, using TeamWork might not be possible. (with the default AVG settings) These products can block even the possibility of managing the BIM Server running on the local computer.

A possible error message on the client side that indicates this problem on the server: You do not have Administrator access to this server

To allow the TeamWork related communication through its Online Shield:

  • Open AVG Anti-Virus
  • Open Online Shield


  • Go to Tools / Advanced settings…


  • Within Web Protection there is a list where you can exclude host/IP/domain addresses
  • Enter your server’s address here
  • Or use if the server runs on the local computer


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