ArchiCAD 18 – Open BIM – Theme Clip

ArchiCAD 18 continues to support OPEN BIM workflows and introduces full BIM Collaboration Format support. ArchiCAD supports highly iterative coordination with engineers and consultants and delivers several IFC-related improvements including…


ARCHICAD 19 New Features – OPEN BIM – Coherent Naming of Objects during IFC Import

This video clip presents the changes made to the naming of GDL Objects created during the IFC Import process in ARCHICAD 19, in order to make their naming more coherent and easier to understand. In ARCHICAD 19 the names of generated GDL Objects are now composed of the subtype of the GDL Object and an index number that starts from 1 and is increased by 1 for each converted “GDL Object” of that subtype.



Download ArchiCAD for free: GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD®, the industry-leading BIM software for architects. With GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD’s Building Information Modeling approach, architects can explore design…


ARCHICAD 19 New Features – OPEN BIM – Intelligent IFC Export of Complex Projects

This video clip shows new enhancements made in ARCHICAD 19 to make the export of complex projects more intelligent. You can discover 3 new fields in the Project Info Dialog that are useful when working with models of projects that are located in multiple files. By setting them properly, complex projects can be more intelligently exported and aggregated into IFC files.


OPEN BIM Concept

OPEN BIM Workflow basic concept More info:… Download ArchiCAD for free:…


GRAPHISOFT Virtual Building and Virtual Trace Concept

The Virtual Building™ embraces the entire building industry and manages the entire information life cycle of buildings. The Virtual Building™ model is useful for all professionals connected to the building industry – architects and residential designers…


Hard Core BIM video series – A quiz

More information Download ArchiCAD for free: music: “Le Nonsense” by beantage licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license:…