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New features in ArchiCAD 17


Curved Beam

Use the Beam tool to create beams that are curved on a horizontal plane. This way, beams can serve as support structures along curved walls. Such wall/beam intersections will automatically…


3D Cutting planes

Architects can define 3D cutaway sections of the model graphically in 2D and 3D views, using one or more cutting planes in any location and direction. Instantly focus your view…


Building Materials

The appropriate and consistent use of building materials is crucial not only when developing the final construction documentation sets, but also when creating building energy analysis reports. New, intelligent building…


Priority-Based Connections

ArchiCAD 17’s brand new Priority Based Connections put a real ROI on the work invested in the creation of the Building Information Model, by automatically providing construction documentation level sections…


Core-based Wall Reference Line

To support more consistent element positioning and intersection logic, Wall Reference Line options have been re-named and expanded in ArchiCAD 17. Users now have the option to assign the reference…



Building Material Easily Editable 3D Cutting Plane Improved Door/Window Placement Enhanced Composite/Profile Workflow Floor Plan-Based 3D Document Improved Zone Creation and Editing Smarter Attribute Management Better Management of Hotlinked Modules…



Automatic Model-Based Junctions Link Element Height to Stories Core-Based Reference Line Curved Beam More Intuitive Element Creation in 3D Window Anchor Door/Window Reveal to Wall Core modelingtofind