Laszlo Hudec’s buildings in Shanghai – with GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD & BIMx

Shanghai historical monuments by Laszlo (Ladislaus) Hudec modeled with GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, presented with GRAPHISOFT Virtual Building Explorer.

Song title: Shanghai at Night
Singer: Zhou Xuan
Composer: Chen Xinge

Tongji University, College of Architecture and Urban Planning; Pujing Information Technology; GRAPHISOFT; and BMC Hungary have made it possible to ‘visit’ the Park Hotel, the Moore Memorial Church (Mu En Tang), and the D.V. Woo House, three of Hudec’s most significant designs in Shanghai — by creating the virtual building models of the real buildings with GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD and making them accessible to the public through GRAPHISOFT’s innovative Virtual Building Explorer technology in an interactive 3D virtual reality presentation.

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