Witold Szymanik about GRAPHISOFT

Witold Szymanik talks about the challenges and successes at GRAPHISOFT.

Our biggest challenge through all these years working with GRAPHISOFT, was overcoming the difficulties we came across couple of years ago. During the 1990s, our sales were continuously growing.However, in early 2000 we started observing some kind of crisis of Polish construction sector. We tried to keep the level of sales unchanged by investing large sums in trade shows and different kind of presentation for clients.
We might have even over-invested a bit. We ended up being in the red.Then, the year 2001 started.I remember 9/11 very well.
We were having a conference meeting about our marketing strategy for the last quarter of the year.Suddenly, my wife called me and said that something was happening in New York.Yet, my colleague insisted that the matters we had been discussing were pretty important so we decided to check the news channels later.We ended up discussing promotion campaigns for ARCHICAD while the whole world was changing. As a consequence of 9/11 events, until the end of the year, we did not have a single client and we faced quite serious financial problems.With support and kindness of Graphisoft, we managed to find our way out of this downturn in 12 months.As a result, at the next IPC we received the award, which since then has been the most precious one for me – the Phoenix Price.We got it because we managed to rise from
the ashes.It think this period was both the Biggest challenge we have faced and the greatest success we have achieved.

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