Sergio Rodriguez about GRAPHISOFT

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In this episode, Sergio is now leading our office in Mexico. Learn how he see our future and past at GRAPHISOFT.

“It is not so much the challenge, but rather the great opportunity to be involved with the product that I loved from the beginning, and a life changing experience, a change of life project for me. I was working in Budapest as an architect, and suddenly discovered ARCHICAD, and it opened a universe of future possibilities that has lasted more than 17 years. So, there were no challenges.It is a great pleasure to be involved with a product such as ARCHICAD. My biggest achievement in these years, what we have achieved, is maybe the network of friends
and the possibility to work selling a product, that makes people happy as an architect. It is the love of architecture, combined with the users.
It is a huge satisfaction to have people who adore the product as much as we do, and to see things built with ARCHICAD all around the world. “

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