Peter Modis and Jenő Nagy about GRAPHISOFT

Peter Modis and Jenő Nagy talks about how it is to be part of the GRAPHISOFT family.

“I was lucky, because before we started selling ARCHICAD, I had already come across the ARCHICAD program. And when we discussed selling it, all we had to do was find a way to gain the architects’ trust. The tool was free training,which we used as a kind of Trojan horse. From there on, it was child’s play. Today, we can say that in Hungary, 90% of architectural designs and investments are made using ARCHICAD.If that’s not success, what is? Well, the greatest success for me, after I found ARCHICAD, after I found ARCHICAD, as a tool, we started selling ARCHICAD 20 years ago at ModiStudio. My job for the past 20 years has been to teach the program itself. And this is a very nice challenge in itself. Well, the success in this, on the one hand, is that . I have taught more than 20,000 architects personally over the course of 20 years, which is not a small number. I taught at universities, in large lecture halls and even in small restaurants and bars.So, there were a lot of different kinds. The largest training I did was a three-day ARCHICAD course for 200 people. And there’s no greater success than when one sees a man who works with his hands because we often trained foremen and new architects, and we had to teach them how to use the mouse.And for some, it was the first time they had ever held a mouse in their hand, for three days.
We started with a computer game where they had to ‘ski’ by moving the mouse to the left and to the right. So that’s how these construction site workers learned how to use a mouse.And afterward, they learned to work successfully with ARCHICAD.

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