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We have conducted interviews with our veteran partners on our International Partner Conference asking them what was their biggest challenge and what was the . See more interview on

” I think the greatest challenge was at the beginning. I begun in 1982, I’ve founded a family, my son was born and I met GRAPHISOFT at that time. Because a colleague of my wife said he wanted to draw by hand and I said ok. I know a very enthusiastic solution. Nobody talked about CAD and nobly had some experience with this and this was a very new thing for us. And I think to have a part to begin, to start something. We didn’t know where will it bring us. That was the biggest challenges.
I think the thing that I am most proud of is that I put a team over the 24-5 years, and now we are 10% and we have a lot of experience with GRAPHISOFT with ARCHICAD. And last year I picked up with numbers. We have 5 people with ARCHICAD experience in my company, and we have more than 100 years of experience. And that’s why I am very proud of, because it not only shows the experience but the enthusiasm, and that’s a very long term business and very long term relationship with our customers. So that is the most important thing also for our success I think.”

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