Gábor Bojár about GRAPHISOFT

ARCHICAD turned 30 years old in 2014. Gabor Bojár, the founder of GRAPHISOFT tells the beginning of our story.

“For every technology company the largest challenge is to access to talents, to get the best people. That is the secret of the success. A new company, working for the global market, behind the iron curtain, it was very attractive for the best people in the university. So to get the best trained people from the university from technical point of view, it was easy. However, the large challenge was to train them to like tha market, to like their customers,to have an emotional empathy with the architects in a certain sense to turn software engineers into architects. That was a challenge, and we have overcome this challenge. Initially software engineers were proud of the software that they have written. In a couple of years later, they were proud of the building that was designed with our software. There are quite a few successful entrepreneurs around the world. They bring their company into success, but when they step back from the daily management, 90% of the companies are not performing better than before. The initial founder is missing. But I am most proud of, that GRAPHISOFT belongs to that small 10%, where the company is performing much better since I am not the guy who is running it.”

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