Daniela Kolk and Ralph Schwaiger interview

Daniela and Ralph from our German office is talking about working in GRAPHISOFT.

The biggest challenge when I came to GRAPHISOFT 12 years ago was to learn to understand our target audience. I came from a completely different industry, and it was very important for me to understand what our clients want, what they need, and what makes them tick on a daily basis.I am actually very proud that I work for a company where I know that
we provide the best product on the market, an ideal solution.
The benefit is not so much that we have sold so many licenses,
but rather that we have gotten our clients to really use ARCHICAD,
and we’re getting the sub-contractors, the architects who work for the companies,
to gradually, increasingly work with ARCHICAD –and getting the whole world to switch from 2D and Autocad to ARCHICAD and to 3D.

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