Alexey Belov (beta-tester) talks about ARCHICAD

One of our Beta testers was also interviewed about ARCHICAD.

I work with ARCHICAD all the time.I started to use it,with version 5, if not mistaken,and consequently used all versions.Now I am already working with the 17-th version,with the 18th beta version
and for me using of each versionis the constant discovery of something new and I really in love with this program for a long long time. Now I work with ARCHICAD on a slightly different level, not just as a user, but as beta tester. And the things that I see are progressive movement, which is always observed in ARCHICAD, and new features and functionalities between versions have the continuation. For example, today we may not understand the reason why these things are implemented in the catalogue of building materials but in the next version everything becomes absolutely clear and etc.
That is, every time it turns out that GRAPHISOFT elaborates implemented features and capabilities for many years to come. It’s just awesome.

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