ArchiCAD Training Series Vol.5: Using the Backup Function

You can discover ArchiCAD Teamwork’s tools for backing up the centrally shared Teamwork project and how they can be used in an emergency. In order to provide for an additional safety net in the work-flow, even manual backups can be created at any time, both in Teamwork project format or PLN project format. You can also retrieve your local copy of the Teamwork project stored on your local computer, and easily re-share it. You must be a Project Administrator to set up backup schedules for a Teamwork project. By default, the BIM Server creates a backup copy of the entire Teamwork project (including user data and roles) every hour in a Teamwork database format, and also saves a copy of it in a PLN format once a day. Should a user cause irreversible damage to the main Teamwork project, the Rollback functionality can be useful to revert to a previous state of the Teamwork project.

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