ArchiCAD Training Series Vol.5: Sending and Receiving Changes

You can see several flexible ways that ArchiCAD Teamwork supports the architectural work-flow by the fine-tuned sending and receiving methods. There is virtually no waiting time at synchronization due to the low network traffic generated by ArchiCAD Teamwork’s DELTA-Server technology: only the changes are sent through the network and processed by the server or clients. Teams of any size can collaborate due to fast Send & Receive operations. Project information and user statuses are always kept up-to-date between all the users. You can also discover how ArchiCAD Teamwork supports offline work methods – in case of a network failure, users can continue their work and save the project locally. Once the network connection has been re-established, they can again send and receive changes to and from the BIM Server. You can also see how easy it is to release selected or all the elements that you do not wish to edit any longer.

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