ArchiCAD Training Series Vol.5: Reserving Other Project Data

Here you can learn how non-model data, such as attributes, views or layouts, can be flexibly reserved and modified in the ArchiCAD Teamwork environment. There is no need for exclusive sign-in processes or other extra efforts to modify such data: users can easily reserve and release them on the fly. The Teamwork Status control light provides you instant feedback on whether you have the access right to modify a specific attribute. ArchiCAD Teamwork supports a controlled work-flow for view and layout creation. Assigning different access rights to user roles enables the manager to differentiate among those allowed to create or modify the content and the representation of the final views, and those allowed only to create the final layouts. Every new element, whether a piece of wall, a view or a layout, will automatically be reserved by the user who created it. ArchiCAD Teamwork logic is thoroughly implemented throughout the software, from the making of the BIM model until final drawing creation.

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