OPEN BIM Workflow #3 – Ownership of the Model

OPEN BIM Workflow #3 – Ownership of the Model

Now that the appropriate part of the BIM model in the proper structure is in the hands of the receiving party, the question arises: what should the receiving party do with the BIM model? Obviously, this depends on what the two trades exchanging the BIM model are and, more importantly, on the actual stage of collaboration.

Except for the initial step where the receiving party may decide to take over parts or the entire received BIM model to speed up the setup of their version of the BIM model in the OPEN BIM workflow, BIM models of the different trades are not merged into one model for editing — only referenced for coordination. The reason for this is simply mirroring the real world setup where parties carry full responsibility for their part of the project; hence, they also require full ownership of their own BIM data.

This video explains the basics of the reference model workflow concept.

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