Import Terrain and Coordinate Information from Google Earth to ARCHICAD

Some features of the Google Earth Connections Add-On are 32-bit only, therefore these functionalities are not available in the 64-bit version of ARCHICAD. These are: – Import snapshot from Google Earth to ARCHICAD
– Direct upload from ARCHICAD to Google Warehouse
– Direct download from Google Warehouse to ARCHICAD

All other functions of the Google Earth Connections Add-on are available on 64-bit, and will be integrated in the next version of ARCHICAD: – Import and export in SKP format – Import and export of KMZ format – Direct upload of model from ARCHICAD to Google Earth

Import terrain and coordinate information from Google Earth
In the early stage of design even a rough terrain model can significantly help the visualization of the model in its real context. With the help of Google Earth Connections, architects can easily capture terrain and imagery data from Google Earth and use it in ARCHICAD.

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