ARCHICAD18 New Features: Introducing CineRender

ARCHICAD 18 provides enhanced, more realistic rendering capabilities out of the box! In practice, this means, that architects can create state-of the art, professionally rendered visualizations of their projects without the need to buy, install and learn any additional software applications! In this video clip you can discover a comparison between ARCHICAD 17 and ARCHICAD 18 rendering engines, the new innovation of CineRender engine. There is an addition to built-in Surface Materials – you can add even more new materials to your project from the Catalog that is part of the ARCHICAD installation package and available right out of the box! For your convenience, Surface Materials are grouped by common categories. You can search by name without the need to manually browse the subfolders. All previous light sources have been updated with necessary properties to take full advantage of the CineRender engine.

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