ARCHICAD18 New Features: Surface Materials Overview

Here you can discover what types of general Surface materials you can use with the new CineRender engine. You can learn about the so called ‘generators’ or ‘Shaders’. No real image ( a photograph of a real material) is being used in these materials. Others are Surface materials which can be made using real images like wood floor material. Finally we can mix image based materials with shaders if needed. In every newly created document using an ARCHICAD template we have a list of built-in Surface materials available. The settings of these materials have been updated to match the requirements of the CineRender engine. Every installation of ARCHICAD 18 or later comes with a built-in catalog you can choose from, where you can have a wide range of common Surface materials. An additional catalog containing 500 Surface materials is available for users with a subscription license. You can also share your surface materials through in a standard GSM format and download materials created by other ARCHICAD users, or you can import Surface material settings from a Cinema 4D document.

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