ARCHICAD 20 – The “I” in BIM Concept

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A note to our viewers: this is meant to be a concept video. The concepts shown here are all present in ARCHICAD and other GRAPHISOFT products, but do not necessarily work in practice the way they are shown in the video.

Information is the most valuable part of BIM and ARCHICAD 20 helps designers to bring out the most of it!
– Access the Information: ARCHICAD 20 enables designers to easily access even those types of design information that were not created using CAD or BIM tools, like Excel spreadsheets.
– Display the Information: ARCHICAD 20 leverages well-structured information resulting in informative design visualization providing enormous efficiencies throughout construction.
– Share the Information: Implementing and supporting OPEN BIM workflows such as the IFC 4 standard, the BIM Collaboration Format and COBie means that designers can exchange data with engineers and consultants without the risk of information loss.

Project Credits:
GRAPHISOFT HQ, Budapest, Hungary
Építész Stúdió –
Vikár és Lukács –
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