Shadows in Open GL 3D View

ARCHICAD 14 delivers a wide array of productivity improvements focusing on the most requested global and local customer wishes. Enriched details to modeling construction elements, better 3D visualization, enhanced 2D drafting, improved handling of libraries and library parts, and refined user interactions are all included in the impressive list of productivity improvements. The results are faster and more polished design and documentation workflows with improved communication capabilities both with clients and consultants, making ARCHICAD 14 the premier BIM solution for architects worldwide.

Shadows in Open GL 3D View
ARCHICAD 14 greatly improves in-model visualization with shadow casting in 3D OpenGL views. Live 3D views of the BIM model in addition to being work-views also become a standard basis for communicating the design intent with clients.…

Title project:
Darmstadtium, Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum Darmstadt, Germany
Architects: fs-architekten Paul Schröder Architekt BDA and Chalabi architects & partners
Photo: Claus Graubner ©

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