Troubleshoot BIM Server after Java update on 10.6

by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 07.10.2013


After installing the latest Java 6 update on OSX 10.6 thru 10.8, some unnecessary applications show up on the dock and the server may not run properly.



The BIM Server is not compatible with Java update: 1.6.0_51


To make the BIM Server compatible with the Java update a shell script file needs to be changed:

  • stop the BIM Server
  • download the following file: activemq

  • note that the file has no extension, make sure your browser doesn’t add any when saving the file
  • replace the existing one with this new one in the following folder: /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/BIM Server/Server Modules/<module number>/TeamworkMessagingServer/bin/

The permissions of the new file may differ from the one that’s been replaced, so change the permissions via terminal.

With this command you can navigate to the folder, change the module number if required:

cd /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/BIM\ Server/Server\ Modules/1700/TeamworkMessagingServer/bin/

Then use chmod to set the permissions:

sudo chmod 777 activemq

Repeat this with all modules that your BIM Server has installed, so e.g. 17, 16.

After all changes has been made you can start up your BIM Server.

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