BIM Server Stops after a minute — It will not remain running

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 10.10.2012


BIM Server will not remain in a running state. Stops after a minute or less of starting.


The Java installation is not configured correctly, or it is corrupt, or it is missing.

{i} Installing certain Windows updates may result similar problems. Proceed with the same steps as below to address such issues.


1) Navigate to and choose “Do I have Java”

  • 1_wwwJava_DoIHaveJava_80.png

2) Click on the “Verify Java version” button

  • 2_VerifyJavaVersion_80.png

3) The Detecting Java screen may take some time to complete

  • 3_detectingJava_80.png

4) Your results may be different from the below screen. Even if the results only indicate your Java is out of date, you should download and install a new Java.

  • 4_downloadandInstall_80.png

5) Although not always necessary, it is recommended you close your browser, re-open it and return to to verify the installation went well.

  • Endgame_JavaVerified_80.png

6) Finally restart your computer and verify that the BIM Server now starts properly.

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