BIM Control Center Error

by GRAPHISOFT and AttilaNyari · updated: 08.30.2011 · RefID: 125596


  • BIM Server Control Center cannot be started, “BIM Control Center Error” message appears with the following content:
    “The version of BIM Control Center is not the same as the master server module version.”

  • BIMControlCenterError.png


  • There might be at least two modules of BIM Server installed, both of them have BIM Server Control Center.exe/app.



    The reason of the errormessage is that BIM Server Control Center has not been started from the folder of the highest module number. This also applies to old shortcuts and Desktop/Dock icons as these might refer to the exe/app in a folder with smaller module number.


  • Always start BIM Server Control Center with the highest version number, and make sure the shortcuts and Desktop/Dock icons also refer to this exe/app.
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