Slow Send and Receive

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 02.09.2012


Send and Receive takes a long time


Most common first, least common last:

  1. Not enough memory for the size of the project
  2. Fragmented Hard Drive and/or available space is less than 15% of the drive’s total space
  3. Bandwidth of network low
  4. Anomolies in the project’s TW DATA folder


In order of causes:

  1. Add memory
    If the operating system of the client or the BIM Server is 32 bit, then the maximum usable memory will be limited to approximately 3Gb. This often proves to be too little. Either client or server or both will spend significant time swapping data to hard drive that it could have kept in physical memory if it had it. Surprising performance improvements can be achieved when memory is added in these cases. For instance, a 2 hour send and receive was reduced to 30 seconds by the addition of 4Gb. More typically, memory adds will bring 10-15 minutes sends to 30 seconds or less. As noted earlier, if the machines are 32 bit machines the operating system must be upgraded to 64 bit first.

  2. Defragment the hard drive
    Fragmented hard drives will add insult to injury in the case of virtual memory usage. Where physical memory cannot be added the hard drive becomes its replacement. If the drive is fragmented the process of writing this memory will be hindered. With drives that have less than 15% of the full space available defragmentation is not possible. In such situations thought should be given to either making more space by removing files or relocating them to other drives. Or, better yet purchasing an extra drive. On the additional drive re-install ARCHICAD. The TW Data folder that ARCHICAD uses should be assigned to this drive. In this case virtual memory is located on the system drive, while ARCHICAD transaction information is on the second drive. The data throughput is improved significantly in this fashion.

  3. Improve the bandwidth of the network
    100mbit is an acceptable speed.

  4. Leave the project and rejoin it
    Sometimes after a week or two of intense Teamwork usage some anomalies collect in the TW Data folder. By having all of the project users leave the project and re-join the project, this folder is cleaned out.

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