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by GRAPHISOFT and Péter Koncz · updated: 05.23.2012 · RefID: 114032


When you are using a Roaming Profile on Windows for Teamwork, log in and log off becomes very slow and the size of the User Profiles increase to several Gigabytes.


The default location for many of the ARCHICAD home folders, especially TWData folder, is in the C:/Users/(username)/Graphisoft folder, therefore they are most likely a part of the Roaming Profile.

With each log in or log off, local teamwork data is downloaded to your local machine and sent back to the server, which generates an unnecessary data flow. When the TWData folder is eg. 10 Gigabytes for one User, this amount of file transfer can slow your workstation down .


You can relocate the TWData folder to a local path on your computer, so the data doesn’t have to be downloaded each time you log in. Please, follow the steps below to have your TWData folder relocated:

  1. Leave all the joined projects and exit all ARCHICADs.

  2. Create a new local folder for the TW data on your computer.

  3. Change the default Registry value for the TWData folder of the particular ARCHICAD version that you use. Double click on the entry and type or paste the path of the new TWData folder.


{i} Note: you will have to change this for each localized version of ARCHICAD, that is installed on your computer (INT, HUN, GER, AUS, etc.)

  1. Launch ARCHICAD and note that the new TWDataOptions.xml has been created in the specifed location. Now, each time you enter a project, the data will be downloaded into that directory.

  2. You can delete the files from the original location. As you have sent all changes before, this data will not be lost, but downloaded from the server again.

Important to know

It is possible to move the local teamwork data in the Local data manager from the menu Teamwork/Project. However, in this case only the local data will be moved, referenced from the Default location, that stays the same.

{i} It is strongly recommended to use the Registry Setting instead, as it also affects the Default TWData location.

  • manager.png

When you move the data folder, TWDataOptions.xml will stay in the default TWData folder and regenerate, when you launch ARCHICAD. It contains the location of the relocated data folder, so if you delete or modify it, the moved local data path will be lost.

The default location of this file is ruled by the Registry value. When it is set to %DEFAULT%, the file will remain in C:/users/(username)/Graphisoft/TWData.

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