Project Locked Has Hotlinks

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 08.26.2011


  • Several users of the same Teamwork project find their project hanging/frozen.


  • A deadlock has occurred with a hotlink update


  • It is highly suggested that with sites implementing teamwork, they limit authority of hotlink updates and publishing to a select few. These teamwork users, should coordinate amongst themselves so as to avoid publishing or updating hotlinks at the same time. There is a known weakness in teamwork relating to simultaneous updating that will not be addressed until AC 14:
  • It could lead to a race/dead lock condition.
  • It could lead to a scenario where one user has the appearance to ARCHICAD of updating a hotlink offline. In both cases the project would most likely need to be re-shared. Please note the bolded part. Teamwork projects that have hotlinks that are not themselves teamwork project pose a hidden risk. It is possible for a teamwork user to update a hotlink offline. When that user goes online he/she could corrupt the main project after the first send/receive.As long as there is awareness of these issues they can be simply avoided. Simply put, only the person(s) who update/publish need to be aware of the workflow recommendation. Any other teamwork activity while an update or a publish is happening is fine. That is, everybody could be sending/receiving, reserving or what have you, while one person updates or publishes.
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