Layer Combination Oddities

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 08.31.2011 · RefID: 121683


In a teamworked project some layer combinations settings are only visible to one teamwork user. Send and Receive does not resolve the discrepancy.


A new layer is added and layer combinations are adjusted without reserving the Teamwork layer dialog.

The user who added the layer and made the changes to the layer combinations will see the changes even after:

  • sending and receiving
  • closing and re-opening the project


  • Other users will not see these layer combination changes
  • The changes will not be sent to the server;
  • The User who made the modifications thinks everything is all right.
  • Other users can modify the layer combinations as they pertain to this new layer and the user who added the layer will not see these changes.


The user who added the layer, must leave the project and rejoin. The changes to the layer combinations that were made regarding this new layer will be lost. The user will need to reserve the layers dialog and make the changes to the layer combinations again.



Both on Windows and in Mac when sharing a projecz with AC 18 3006, and then update to 4020 both the AC and the server, back in the plan the layer of tools in the Toolbox will be seemingly the ARCHICAD layer.


Then puting down an item, and with the arrow tool I select the element placed before, its layer will be the tools default layer, not the ARCHICAD layer. After when selecting items with having a tool selected, the layers will be the deafault layers.

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